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Women's Self Defense

Self defense and self protection are an important priority for women.

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Black Belt Training Club challenges students in ways they haven't seen before in their standard classes. 

Parent's Night Out

Need a night off from the kids? Let Covington Karate be your babysitter!
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Mr. Sullivan


5th Degree Black Belt 

Mr. Sullivan is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years. 

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Martial arts fitness can increase a person’s strength, stability, stamina, flexibility and explosive power. 



“It Is Not The Aim Of Kenpo To Merely Produce A Skillful As Well As Powerful Practitioner, But To Create A Well Integrated Student Respectful Of All.”


A Testimonial

Matthew continues to amaze me.  Sometimes he can be so hardheaded and stubborn, and other times he so easy going.  When presented with the opportunity to SWAT, I was sure he would turn it down.  I didn't expect him o want to do it like he did!  He amazed me further when I actually saw him in action. I would like him to continue to grow as a leader in the class, but I'm sure that will come with time!  He makes Amy and I so proud!  Brian 

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We are conveniently located in the heart of Covington with easy access from Folsom, Mandeville, Madisonville, Goodbee and Abita Springs. If you want to get in shape with exciting workouts that get you pumped about fitness and you want to learn real self-defense for protecting yourself in any situation, then Covington Karate Studio is the perfect place for you!

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Community reviews

Parent Feedback


We are so happy that we  signed Conner up for karate classes at Covington Karate Studio.  Conner  has made vast improvements in the areas of self-discipline and self-  control.  He struggled with his behavior in school for a majority of the  school year until he began attending karate.  I especially noticed  change the month that you discussed goals.  Conner self-prescribed a  goal to get an A in conduct.  He is a bright kid, so academically he had  straight A's.  He made a plan to get a good mark every day on his  behavior chart.  By the end of the quarter, he had earned his A in  conduct! Conner has also taken to heart your advice on being healthy.   He continues to eat his vegetables first and constantly asks for seconds  of vegetables.  This comes with a long lecture on how eating vegetables  will make us all healthy and strong.  I have seen many positive changes  in my son and I look forward to seeing him through this karate program!

Thank you, Nichole and Gene S.

Student Excellence


 Sulah continues to grow within her skill set and focus in relations to karate. Training  and review are easier, the answer to questions come quicker. The  basics are now inherent. She becomes more assured in her movement and  the fluidity of the associated training. 

She is starting to correct Heitor and of course, he argues, in his errors which is a milestone in and of itself. 

The challenges remain in focus and trusting her knowledge towards continuing growth in the system. 

Overall there is great progress found within the last two belts.  She  enjoys the community from watching and exercising on the side with the  adults to sparring and playing the training focused games with her peers  and continuing to be able to stand for herself amongst her peers.  

Proud Parent


 I cannot say enough great things about the benefits of Adalai participating in this program. Since her last belt, now that she is doing things on her own and taking responsibility for herself, we have been working on developing her own routines. She has been practicing sticking to her routines that work the best AND learning how to fit her routines into the all-mighty Mother's Time Table. With main focus on completing her routine quickly and prioritizing when she's not left with enough time to complete all of tasks she wanted to get done. I've definitely noticed a willingness to help around the house and push herself to do her best in school. I look forward to what the next chapter has in store for her.